If you’ve ever walked down North Wilson Avenue, chances are you’ve found yourself under the Stewart Theater marquee reminiscing of days gone by or wishing to see more activity in this secret gem of Downtown Dunn. The Stewart Theater opened June 22, 1949 as a first-run movie house. After it closed its doors January 29, 1987, the building sat vacant until its renovation in early 1994 when it became home to a community theatre group, Harnett Regional Theatre. Its stage has hosted beauty pageants, concerts, plays, church services, and various community gatherings. 

Today, the Stewart Theater is in desperate need of restoration and updating.

In a recent survey conducted by the City of Dunn and The Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce, numerous citizens expressed a need for more entertainment and cultural art options. Citizens of Dunn and Harnett County find it necessary to travel at least 45 minutes to access a variety of quality entertainment options.

Recognizing the importance of the Stewart Theater’s ability to address the needs our community desires, a group of community members and arts advocates have come together with a bold vision and commitment to transform the Stewart Theater into a top-tier performing arts center that’s capable of hosting quality entertainment and educational events. Preliminary plans address the addition of dressing areas, upgrades to the existing building with digital equipment, new seating, replacement of worn out HVAC systems, and restoration of the marquee, at an estimated total cost of approximately $5 million.

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